The Life-Changing Magic of Being Totally Mediocre at Decluttering

This photo was taken in the bathroom of the Airbnb that we stayed in during our recent trip to LA. It was perfectly clutter-free…because I don’t live there.  Decluttering (and organizing in general) is a difficult thing when you are a mother of a toddler. Really, anything requiring more than 10 minutes of attention is […]


So, I haven’t been blogging. Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been starting up work after a year as a say-at-home-mom and very part-time writer. We also traveled twice in the past two months. Getting to take these two trips was a huge privilege, but it was also very tiring, as traveling with a toddler […]

About Me

Ten facts about me to give some context on who the heck I am before I start diving into the good stuff. 😉 I’m 29 years old (turning the dirty/flirty/whatever 30 this year). My husband and I got married when I was 23 (yes, I’m Christian—and yes, I’m also politically liberal and a feminist), and […]