How I Air-Dry My Hair


Hey guys! I’ve had a few friends ask about how I air-dry my hair, so I thought I’d write up a post on it! A quick note: my hair is fine and wavy, so my goals are always to increase volume/definition of my waves, without having it end up frizzy. This is my current method that’s really been working for me.

  1. After showering (I use this Cold Spring Apothecary shampoo and the matching conditioner), I squeeze out excess water and then throw it up in a towel for a bit.
  2. Once I take it out of the towel, I DO NOT BRUSH IT. This is the most important change I’ve made with my hair over the past few months. I used to gently detangle my wet hair with a paddle brush, but I realized that what I was doing was essentially pulling out my natural curl, especially at the roots, which would lead to dreaded “triangle hair” with flat roots. Now, I simply lightly finger-comb my hair and kind of arrange it so I don’t look insane.
  3. While my hair is still pretty uniformly damp, I take a pea-sized amount of this cream-gel by Bumble and bumble, spread it over my palms, and scrunch/press it into my hair all over, from roots to ends. This stuff is kind of…intense. It might seem like it’s a bit sticky/weird at first, but I promise that the volume and definition that it adds are totally worth it. And when your hair dries, there’s no crunch factor, promise.
  4. Next, I let my hair air-dry, or I’ll lightly blow-dry to speed up the process. You can use a diffuser if you have one, but my blow dryer is pretty gentle and doesn’t mess with my waves, so I can just use it normally.
  5. Once my hair is almost dry, I might use a one-inch curling iron to define my waves and add a bit of polish and structure if I care/have the time. I just grab small seconds (maybe half-inch?) and wind them around the outside of a cheap drugstore curling iron. I usually alternate directions for a more natural wave; I feel like this method helps the fake curls blend in with my real curls. 😉
  6. To finish, I’ll spritz on some Bumble and bumble’s cult-favorite Surf Spray for some extra definition and light hold. I also love Verb’s Sea Texture Spray if my hair ends up drying kind of flat.

And that’s it! I’d like to add the disclaimer here that when I use this method, my hair basically looks different every time…it depends on its mood/the humidity/how recently I’ve had my hair colored/cut, etc. But, my biggest takeaway here is that my hair seems to look best when I just really embrace the wave/frizz whatever, and just rock it.

I hope this helps! Next post (on another day) will be how I deal with second-day hair, which actually way more of a struggle, haha. Let me know if you have any questions, and tell me if there are any air-dry products that you swear by that I should take for a spin!


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