10 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

  1. Target Sunglasses

These sunglasses remind me of the Le Specs Air Heart sunglasses that all of the influencers have…but they’re $15. Y’all can keep your expensive sunnies; I’ll be buying the ones that my kids can throw across the room without giving me a heart attack, haha. I’ve been wearing these a ton this summer, and they make me feel way more fabulous than I am. Perfect dressier/statement sunglasses—would be great to wear to an outdoor wedding!

2. Refy Brow Gel

I’m personally pretty anti-expensive beauty treatments that are high maintenance and take a bunch of time. Eyelash extensions, microblading, waxing, even manicures and pedicures…no offense to anyone that does these things, but they’re mostly not my jam. The only treatments like this that have me curious, though, are eyebrow tints and lamination. I am so into the thick, fluffy 80s supermodel brow trend that’s going on…like yes, we should all get to pretend that we are Brooke Shields, thankyouverymuch. Maybe I’ll try real lamination one day, maybe I won’t, but in the meantime I’ve been really liking this brow gel by Refy, which gives a (temporary) laminated look. Keeps those brows up and fluffed all damn day, which gives your whole face a really lifted, youthful look.

3. Hella Cocktail Co. Bitters & Soda Variety Pack

With two pregnancies behind me, I feel like I’ve tried and failed to find decent alcohol replacements—everything is too sweet or too boring. These little mocktail cans really do a great job of providing some of that satisfaction that comes with the bitterness and complexity of a cocktail…with zero alcohol. I like the spritz flavor, which has a bit of sweetness and spice, but the other, drier flavors are great, too.

4. Target Pants

Ok, so when I tell you that I’ve been looking for PANTS forever…I’ve been looking for pants forever. I love my denim, but I’ve been searching for pants in black and olive that are not denim, not exactly joggers, not “work pants,” but not overly preppy chinos. A lot of the pants out there are too short for me, some don’t come in my size, some are made from weird fabrics…I’m telling you, the pants market is LACKING, people. But seriously, these are so perfect. High rise, made from a lightweight cotton blend with a hint of stretch, with a ridiculously comfy elastic waistband—and the inseam is long enough for me! (But note: They also work for petite ladies! Check them out on Paige of @stylethislife on Instagram–we have totally different body types, but they look great on her.) Yes, I got them in black AND olive…they are fantastic.

5. Poppin Pens

Every writer needs a favorite pen, right? Nevermind that my handwriting is indecipherable, lol. These are the best. Smooth, black ink, comfortable to hold, great colors. Like come on, is that a perfect palette or what? You need them.

6. Quince 100% Organic Cotton Oversized Cardigan

Quince is a new-to-me brand, but I have to say–I’m obsessed. I love wearing thick, heavy, cotton sweaters year round (they’re like a wearable weighted blanket) and this oversized cardigan is a total gem. And it’s on sale for 50 bucks! Great to lounge in, and it makes a great stand-in for a robe in the summer.

7. Abercrombie 4 Inch Mom Shorts

Listen: Every grown-ass woman deserves denim shorts that are cute, comfortable, and don’t look like denim underpants. Is that too much to ask?! As a tall and curvy person, shorts are just a whole thing. I was recently in Florida and the shorts I brought were just not working, so I marched myself into Abercrombie (I know, Abercrombie is back, and it’s bananas), and got these shorts in the medium ripped wash. They’re great. Abercrombie’s denim is thick and substantial, with just a tiny hint of stretch. They are comfortable and look expensive. And the 4 inch inseam–chef’s kiss. You need. Oh, and while this style seems to be selling out a bit, Abercrombie has a great range of sizes overall.

8. Kristin Ess Sea Salt Mousse

I’ve been almost exclusively air-drying my hair for the past couple of months, and it’s been making my hair much healthier and happier, not to mention saving me a ton of time. In the past, my air dry routine included a bunch of products, but these days I’m mostly just using this foam from Kristin Ess. All of the products that I’ve tried from Kristin Ess are fantastic (I have so. many lol) but this is especially good. It’s a lightweight mousse with sea salt that subtly enhances waves without leaving them sticky, crunchy or weighed down. My biggest air drying tip is to not brush or comb your hair after you shower—lightly finger-comb your hair into place, without disturbing your natural curl or the volume at your roots. Scrunch in a bit of this (I use one pump for the right side of my head, one pump for the left, and one for the back) from roots to tip, and you’re good to go.


I am very late to the party, but I just discovered the band LANY, and woww have I done a deep dive over the past couple of days. Beyond obsessed. If you like that 80s synth pop sound, you will love them. The lead singer/songwriter, Paul Klein, is so dang talented. And not ugly. Lol. So many good songs, but this one is what made me fall in love, and it’s still one of my favorites.

10. Kiehl’s Micro-Dose Anti-Aging Retinol Serum

Ok, so I had a hard time deciding which skincare product to put in this last spot (I need to do a bigger skincare post, obvi), but this product has really been making the biggest difference in my skin lately. An important caveat: when I first got this, I loved the results so much that I used it every night for a week or two and destroyed my skin barrier. Do not do this. ESPECIALLY if you have sensitive skin like mine. Yes, this product is designed for sensitive skin, but it’s still very potent and way too much for me to use every night. Now that my skin is healed, I use this product mayyybe once or twice a week, and it’s PERFECT. Keeps my rosacea at bay, works on wrinkles, makes everything smooth and glowy. Anti-aging perfection, my friends. Just go easy with it! Start with once a week and slowly build up if your skin can tolerate more. And make sure you use around your eyes AND on your neck. Trust me on this!

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  1. Tara, I love this roundup! I’ve been considering Refy, I’ve been looking for THE pants too, and I, too, do not spend $ on sunglasses…love my most recent pair from Free People for $25. They’re a smaller yet similar shape as yours and more patterned. I feel put together whenever I wear them. I’ve been thinking about Quince so this is good to know too. And what’s the difference between Retinol and Retin A?


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